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Hollow Core Repair

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We only refurbish top-end hockey sticks, many of which are from NHL and Major Junior players.

The flex and weight don't change, but your puck handling will.



Our sticks act and feel like new (without the new price).  We have players in JR A, OUA, AAA, and even Beer League currently using them!

where to find refurbished sticks in Whitby and Toronto

Our repair is hollow and uses aerospace grade Carbon Fibre to secure the stick.

Old methods involve inserting a foam plug and pouring resin down the shaft, creating a 6” solid section.


We will REPAIR YOUR STICK!  Give us your details in the contact field below and we will let you know the closest area to drop off your stick.  Let us help get you back lighting lamps and playing your best!

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Shayne Corson - NHL player from 1985-2004

“I met Chris at an event early in 2016 and he showed me one of his refurbished sticks.  I tried it out for a bit, and I honestly couldn’t believe that it was refurbished.  The weight and response felt identical to the sticks that I used to use towards the end of my career, it was amazing.  I definitely recommend using sticks from Integral Hockey Whitby.”

– Shayne Corson

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Free Shipping within Canada on all orders over $150

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All sticks come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY at the repaired location.

refurbished hockey sticks

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At Integral Hockey Whitby, we are proud to be your source for composite hockey stick repair and sales.  Located at 1450 Hopkins St. in Whitby, we provide our services in areas including Peterborough, Lindsay, Port Hope, Cobourg, Durham Region, and Toronto.

We repair broken composite sticks utilizing the strongest and most lightweight method available.  Our patented hollow core technology allows for a repair that adds almost no weight to the stick (less than 12g) and does not alter the responsiveness of the stick (we do NOT use wood plugs or fillers in the stick which affects the flex and kickpoint!).

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